Welcome to HockeyClan.com!

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Welcome to HockeyClan.com!

A clan is a group of close-knit and interrelated families. There is no better way to describe the tight knit community that is made up from today’s hockey playing families.

We strive to represent a true Hockey Clan!

Do you like hockey? Who doesn’t? Are you part of a crazy hockey family? Do you spend every public holiday at a hockey tournament and still pull your kids out of school on Fridays? Well that’s what started all of this off.  At the time of this writing I am a father of five with four boys and a baby girl. Four of the five have been skating on ice and that’s only because I haven’t had time to get my daughter near a rink with open ice. I am part of a crazy hockey family and I created HockeyClan.com in order to help other families like mine navigate through the busy, hectic, crazy, opinionated world of ice hockey. Whether it’s learn to skate, learn to play, men’s D league or the Stanley Cup Finals, one thing is for sure…hockey is intense! The only thing more intense than the game itself, is the fans.

I am actually a goalie who never played ice hockey while growing up but began playing on the ice during college. I was the founder and president of the William and Mary Ice Hockey Team. I founded this as a club sport since it had previously disbanded many years before. I was able to bring ice hockey to William and Mary and it has now grown to a Division III school. Go Tribe!

I have always been in awe of how close hockey families and players are with each other. Fans and parents can have a great conversation about anything and everything hockey but can also argue about anything and everything hockey. One of my best hockey memories was during the lockout in 2004 when I was living in Miami and Sergei Federov joined a pick up skate with me and a group of guys just so that he could stay in shape.

What professional baseball player or football player would ever do the same type of thing? None. Not in a million years. Hockey players are a different breed. They are down to earth, there’s no doubt about it. They are also professionals through and through. It is this cohesiveness that hockey players and hockey families have that makes us a global Hockey Clan. Hence, I welcome you to HockeyClan.com. The ultimate hockey family!


I’ve tried to look at what would benefit my family and create a platform that would be capable of helping similar families and the global hockey community. Throughout my kids young playing days I have always had a ton of questions, some of which are still not answered. This led to the extensive forums that we will be providing on our site. These will be moderated forums geared towards families. You can be critical but not rude. Controversial is OK but offensive is not going to fly! You can find out what others have experienced. Hockey is also very expensive and equipment costs add up. What do you do after you or your kids are done with an item? Well now you can post an ad in our listings section. Coupons will also be posted not only for hockey equipment and for hockey related deals, but for any person in this cohesive community that wants to publicize their business. Help out your fellow HockeyClan families by posting a coupon on HockeyClan.com to give them a deal and attract new business.

There is the ability to create groups on the site as well that will allow you to invite teammates onto a private skate group page where information about private skates can be posted. Open hockey availability will be based on hockey directors and rinks sending us their open hockey schedules. Open groups will be created for each rink so information about open hockey skates is easily available and players can sign up and RSVP so for the first time, you know how many people are showing up! You can also add pictures and videos to share with your team. These team groups can be made private so that only your team/group, friends and families are able to utilize them. Public groups can also be created if you desire more broad interest and involvement as well as for the open hockey.

Finally, we will be featuring an original hockey blog from an ever growing number of writers that will cover all topics hockey related including but not limited to: tips and tricks, coaching lessons, coaching videos, editorials, equipment, skating techniques and even parent opinion blogs. Feel free to apply to write for us. Details are on HockeyClan.com. You can also get the latest news from popular outside sources through our RSS feeds which will be growing over time. Finally, in order to help us financially support the site and keep the listings and coupons free to the users, a Pro Shop is available for you to purchase hockey products through some select affiliates in order to help us out. We try to add items that are already on sale, so please check it out. Future plans that are evolving include creating an app that allows access to these features along with notifications.We are open to suggestions at all time as this is being built for the community. All opinions are welcome even if we cannot easily add each suggested feature.

So what are you waiting for?

Get to HockeyClan.com, register, check your email to activate your account, then login. Start a private group for your new block rental of ice, add your private skate event, have your hockey director or rink add their open hockey events, post a topic in our forum, answer a question in the forum or post an ad in the listings. Start appreciating all your HockeyClan family has to offer.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs!

Our current features include:

Classifieds Ads (Listings)

Coupons for all hockey related businesses to add about their hockey products/services

Coupons for members of our HockeyClan to add about their own business

Forums for in depth and civil discussions

Open hockey management for rinks through public group creation, adding open hockey events with email notifications

Private skate management for you group that rents out the ice

Group sharing of pictures and videos

Original HockeyClan Blog

Hockey related RSS Feeds

Pro Shop for hockey deals!



Christopher Doumas

Founder of HockeyClan.com

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