NHL Power Rankings – Week 15

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Welcome to the next installment of HockeyClan’s weekly NHL power rankings. Each week throughout the season, HockeyClan ranks every team in the National Hockey League from top to bottom.

There was some shakeup this week! Who’s #1? Who’s rising? Who’s falling? It’s week 15 in the NHL season. Stay tuned each week for updates in our power rankings!

Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point (21) celebrates with teammates Ondrej Palat (18), Jake Dotchin (59) and Victor Hedman (77) after scoring a goal in the second period of the NHL game between the Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning on January 11, 2018 at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. (Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

1-Tampa Bay Lightning (31-11-3) Even with some stumbles this past week, the ‘Ning cannot drop out of the top spot, a position they have held since Week 2 of the NHL season, even with a loss to Vegas. They’re beyond solid on both ends of the ice with a league-best +49 and continue to be the favorite to come out of the East and contend for the Cup. Wins: FLA, WAS, PIT, DET, STL, CBJ, PIT, CAR, DET, FLA, CBJ, LA, SJ, ANA, DAL, CHI, BUF, SJ, NYI, COL, WIN, STL, AZ, COL, OTT, MIN, MON, CBJ, TOR, DET, CAR Last: 1

2-Vegas Golden Knights (30-11-3) Still in shock and awe at this team. Do not know if the heat just gets to all the visiting teams or if the casinos force the Knights to play well at home, but Vegas has the best home record in the league. Going 7-2-1 in their last ten and beating the leaders in the East has them solidly atop the West. Wins: DAL, AZ, AZ, BOS, BUF, STL, CHI, COL, OTT, WIN, VAN, LA, ANA, SJ, AZ, AZ, ANA, PIT, DAL, NAS FLA, TB, WAS, ANA, LA, TOR, NAS, CHI, NYR, TB Last: 2

3-Nashville Predators (27-11-6) They are rolling this week adding four more wins to their total. Many are hard fought as seen through Thursday’s shootout victory over Arizona where they came back to win. Add in the play of Pekka Rinne (22-8) in net and you have a Cup contender once again. Wins: PHI, DAL, COL, PHI, CHI, ANA, LA, CBJ, PIT, WAS, COL, WIN, MON, STL, CHI, ANA, BOS, DAL, VAN, EDM, CAL, STL, MIN, LA, EDM, VGK, ARI Last: 3

4-Winnipeg Jets (23-11-7)  This team is legit. A great home record and going 6-3-1 in their last ten has pushed them up a spot. It helps that Blake Wheeler is having a career year. Wins: EDM, VAN, CAR, MIN, PIT, MIN, DAL, DAL, AZ, AZ, PHI, NJ, LA, ANA, MIN, VGK, OTT, VAN, STL, NAS, EDM, NYI, EDM, BUF, SJ, BUF Last: 5

5-Washington Capitals (28-14-4) Ovi being Ovi, as usual. The Caps continue to sit atop the Metro due to its weakness, but consistency is starting to be elusive. On the bright side, Kuznetsov could have a career year. Wins: OTT, MON, NJ, DET, EDM, NYI, BOS, AZ, PIT, EDM, MIN, OTT, TB, TOR, CBJ, SJ, CHI, NYR, COL, BOS, ANA, DAL, BOS, NJ, CAR, STL, VAN, CAR Last: 7

6-St. Louis Blues (28-17-3) Those three straight wins mentioned in the last power rankings? Yeah, ignore that. The blues hit St. Louis as they lost three straight including sound beatings at the hands of the Flyers and Panthers. Wins: PIT, DAL, NYI, ​NYR, CHI, COL, CAL, CAR, CBJ, LA, TOR, NJ, AZ, EDM, VAN, EDM, MIN, MON, DAL, DET, BUF, VAN, WIN, CAR, NJ, VGK, TOR, OTT Last: 6

7-New Jersey Devils (24-12-8) That four game skid? Push it to six before the Devils found their footing. Two wins a row now, including a 4-3 victory over the Caps in overtime Thursday night, puts this team on the hot and cold watch-list. Wins: COL, BUF, TOR, NYR, TB, OTT, OTT, AZ, VAN, FLA, CHI, MIN, VAN, DET, COL, CBJ, LA, DAL, ANA, NYR, CHI, DET, NYI, WAS Last: 8

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Tier Two

Tim Schaller #59 of the Boston Bruins skates against the New York Islanders at the Barclays Center on January 18, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The Bruins defeated the Islanders 5-2. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

8-Boston Bruins (26-10-8) They continue to be the best defensive team in the league with only 107 goals allowed and their offense has driven them to a +31 in recent weeks. Marchand, Pastrnak, and Rask are their main keys to success if they are looking to keep in reach and potentially overtake Tampa as first in the Atlantic. Wins: NAS, AZ, VAN, SJ, VGK, MIN, LA, SJ, NJ, PIT, TB, PHI, AZ, NYI, DET, CBJ, BUF, WIN, DET, OTT, OTT, NYI, CAR, MON, MON, NYI Last: 10

9-Toronto Maple Leafs (25-17-4) With the deadline looming, this team needs consistency on defense. Dropping two in overtime or a shootout and another to the floundering Sens, the Leafs need to find a way to solidify their backline and let their offense do its thing. Wins: WIN, NYR, CHI, MON, WAS, DET, LA, ANA, VGK, MIN, BOS, BOS, NJ, MON, CAR, CAL, EDM, CAL, PIT, EDM, CAR, NYR, AZ, SJ, VAN Last: 9

10-Dallas Stars (26-17-3) Adding three wins to their total, the Stars stay in place due to them not being against the cream of the crop of the league. However, the offense is clicking, and they continue to fight off the second Wild Card team and those in tow. Wins: DET, COL, AZ, AZ, CAR, CAL, VAN, BUF, NYI, EDM, MON, CAL, VGK, CHI, CHI, COL, NYR, NYI, CHI, NAS, STL, SJ, NJ, EDM, BOS, DET Last: 11

11-Columbus Blue Jackets (26-18-3) Tough stretch aside, as it continues, this team needs to perform above where it is. Head-scratching losses to Buffalo and Vancouver has put them at a -5 differential on the year, yet they still hold two points over the Wild Card slots. Wins: NYI, CAR, NYR, MIN, WIN, BUF, WIN, BOS, FLA, DET, MON, NYR, BUF, CAL, OTT, CAR, ANA, NJ, AZ, NYI, TOR, PHI, DAL, FL, TOR, DAL Last: 12

12-San Jose Sharks (24-14-6) These Sharks won’t be winning many high-scoring match-ups this year, but they don’t need to. Defense has been this team’s calling card so far this year as they have only 120 goals and allowed a mere 112. Expect that to continue against some of the league’s best in the coming weeks. Wins: BUF, MON, NJ, NYR, BUF, TOR, NAS, ANA, VAN, LA, AZ, WIN, PHI, FLA, CAR, OTT, CAL, VAN, LA, CAL, MON, ARI, LA, ARI Last: 13

13-Los Angeles Kings (24-16-5) LA has dropped each of their last four games to fall out of the top tier for the first time in weeks. Do not care how good they are statistically and what their +/- is at the moment, the fact remains they are not netting points which is a huge sign of ineptitude in our book. Wins: PHI, SJ, BUF, NYI, CBJ, MON, OTT, MON, BOS, TOR, ANA, FLA, ANA, DET, WAS, STL, CHI, MIN, OTT, CAR, PHI, COL, VAN, EDM Last: 4

14-Pittsburgh Penguins (25-20-3) Pens fans appeared to believe the sky was falling after dropping some inexplicable games in the last few weeks. However, a solid stretch of four good wins pushes them back into a wild card spot and in good position to make a run. Wins: NSH, WAS, FLA, NYR, FLA, EDM, WIN, EDM, AZ, BUF, OTT, TB, PHI, BUF, BUF, NYI, AZ, CBJ, CBJ, PHI, NYI, BOS, DET, NYR, LA Last: 16

15-New York Rangers (24-17-5) With the second-best penalty kill in the league (84.6%), the Rangers are in need of an offensive push as they are being out-shot by nearly three shots a game and have averaged only 2.7 goals over their last 10 while allowing 2.8. It isn’t much, but it is the difference between a wild card spot and a safety net in the Metropolitan. Wins: MON, NSH, AZ, VGK, TB, FLA, CBJ, BOS, EDM, OTT, CAR, DET, VAN, CAR, PIT, NJ, LA, BOS, ANA, WAS, BUF, ARI, PHI, BUF Last: 14

16-Anaheim Ducks (21-16-9) A surprising lack of decline in the rankings this week for the Ducks due to picking up wins against current playoff teams in LA and Pittsburgh. Rakell’s production slowed this week and someone needs to pick up the slack. Silfverberg? Wins: AZ, NYI, MON, PHI, TB, CAR, VAN, BOS, FLA, SJ, STL, OTT, CAR, STL, NYI, PIT, CAL, AZ, VAN, LA, PIT Last: 15

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Tier Three

Minnesota Wild defenceman Jared Spurgeon (46) and Winnipeg Jets left wing Mathieu Perreault (85) battle for position during a NHL game between the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets on January 13, 2018 at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. The Wild defeated the Jets 4-1.(Photo by Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

17-Minnesota Wild (24-17-5) The only thing holding them from dropping a spot is their overtime loss to Calgary and Vancouver. They are extremely hot and cold. Losing by five to Colorado and dropping a point to the Canucks. However solid wins against rival Chicago and division leader Winnipeg keeps them going. Expect them to bring their A-game at home vs. Tampa on Saturday as it is Hockey Day Minnesota. Wins: CHI, CAL, NYI, MON, PIT, MON, PHI, PHI, NAS, BUF, COL, VGK, STL, ANA, SJ, CAL, TOR, OTT, DAL, NAS, FLA, BUF, CHI, WIN Last: 17

18-Calgary Flames (25-16-4) The Flames are on fire. No pun intended. A perfect record since we last updated the rankings, they have extended their winning to seven games. Young guns Gaudreau and Monahan continue to roll, and vet Mike Smith continues to be a rock in net. Wins: WIN, ANA, LA, VAN, NSH, WAS, PIT, NJ, DET, STL, PHI, WAS, COL, AZ, MON, VAN, VAN, STL, CHI, LA, ANA, MN, TB, FL, CAR Last: 20

19-Chicago Blackhawks (22-17-6) Not much to add on the Hawks this week even after picking up three wins including one over top tier Winnipeg. However, they fail to consistently pick up points against the higher teams. Wins: PIT, CBJ, MON, NSH, AZ, PHI, MIN, CAR, NYR, PIT, FLA, ANA, BUF, FLA, AZ, WIN, MIN, EDM, NYR, EDM, OTT, WIN Last: 18

20-Colorado Avalanche (25-16-3) Avs enter the Top 20 this week as they extend their win streak to eight and sit only a win out of owning a playoff spot. MacKinnon has already achieved career highs in goals and points and will easily pass his assist mark and we are only half way through the season. Wins: NYR, BOS, BOS, ANA, DAL, CHI, CAR, PHI, WAS, DET, DAL, WIN, FLA, PIT, FLA, PIT, AZ, TOR, NYI, WIN, CBJ, MN, DAL, AHA Last: 22

21-New York Islanders (23-20-4) They continue to stave off a .500 record, but their woes have led to them exiting a playoff spot even if they only sit a point back. Wins: BUF, SJ, NYR, SJ, AZ, NAS, VGK, COL, STL, CAR, TB, PHI, PHI, OTT, VAN, FLA, WAS, LA, WIN, BUF, NJ, NYR, MON Last: 19

22-Philadelphia Flyers (20-16-8) A great week in Philly with both the Flyers and Eagles securing wins. They get the bump up a spot after some nice wins and a struggling Carolina team dropped. Wins: SJ, ANA, WAS, FLA, EDM, TOR, STL, CHI, CAL, EDM, VAN, TOR, BUF, DAL, DET, TB, NYI, STL, BUF, NJ Last: 23

23-Carolina Hurricanes (20-17-8) Yes, they went 7-2-1 for a stretch there as mentioned in the last power rankings. But going 1-4 since doesn’t help push you forward. Wins: MIN, EDM, CAL, TOR, FLA, CBJ, DAL, BUF, NYI, NAS, FLA, VGK, BUF, CBJ, NAS, BUF, MON, PIT, PIT, WAS Last: 21

24-Florida Panthers (18-19-6) A near wash in record over the last week plus shows that this team needs James Reimer to step-up in net. Huberdeau, Torcheck, and Barkov can only carry them so far. Wins: TB, STL, WAS, ANA, BUF, DAL, SJ, TOR, NJ, NYR, WIN, DET, AZ, MIN, OTT, PHI, MON, STL Last: 24

25-Detroit Red Wings (18-19-7) Another sub-.500 week for the Red Wings leads to no movement in the rankings. When Athanasiou performs well they have good shots at winning, but he needs to produce against top teams to give them a chance to climb. Wins: MIN, OTT, AZ, VGK, FLA, AZ, EDM, VAN, CAL, BUF, WIN, TOR, NYI, NYR, PIT, OTT, FL, CHI Last: 25

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Tier Four

Connor McDavid #97 of the Edmonton Oilers skates with the puck against Erik Haula #56 of the Vegas Golden Knights in the second period of their game at T-Mobile Arena on January 13, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Oilers won 3-2 in overtime. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

26-Edmonton Oilers (20-23-3) A win at Vegas should be a feather in the cap of any team this year. But with the way this team plays at home, and who they have coming in the Flames, Avs, and Lightning, it will not be getting any easier. Wins: CAL, CHI, DAL, NJ, NYI, NJ, VGK, DET, BOS, AZ, CAL, MON, CBJ, MIN, SJ, STL, MON, ANA, ARI, VGK Last: 26

27-Vancouver Canucks (18-21-6) Two wins over two potential playoff teams in a row. Is it a sign of change for the Canucks or the other teams playing down to inferior competition? Wins: EDM, OTT, BUF, DET, MIN, WAS, PIT, CAL, LA, PHI, PIT, NAS, TOR, CAR, SJ, CHI, CBJ, MN Last: 28

​28-Montreal Canadiens (18-21-6) Back-to-back wins and out-shooting their opponents by an average of two shots a game looked to have the team on an upward trend. That was until they lost three straight and will most likely lose again to the Caps. Wins: BUF, FLA, NYR, OTT, WIN, CHI, VGK, BUF, BUF, CBJ, OTT, DET, DET, NJ, VAN, CAL, TB, VAN Last 27

29-Ottawa Senators (15-19-9) They will still be sellers come the deadline, but a winning week with wins over the Sharks, Lightning, and Leafs is nothing to scoff at. If Stone can continue to play well the Sens may creep up a few spots in the coming weeks. Wins: VAN, CAL, EDM, TOR, PHI, DET, COL, COL, NYI, NYR, MON, CBJ, SJ, TB, TOR Last: 29

30-Buffalo Sabres (11-25-9) 44 saves from Linus Ullmark allowed the Sabres to end a five-game losing streak, but the victories continue to be elusive. Forget the playoffs this season as this squad needs to focus on retaining Kane, who seems all but gone, unfortunately. Wins: ANA, BOS, DET, AZ, WAS, EDM, COL, OTT, PHI, NJ, CBJ Last: 30

31-Arizona Coyotes (10-28-9) An overtime and three shootout losses since our last power rankings, the Coyotes have remained competitive the last few weeks yet have failed to close when it matters most. Don’t expect them to climb out of last anytime soon with upcoming games against three teams from our top two tiers. Wins: PHI, CAR, MON, OTT, TOR, LA, NJ, WAS, COL, NAS Last: 31

* records and rankings through 1/18


Main Image: Vegas Golden Knights left wing Erik Haula (56) and Vegas Golden Knights center Jonathan Marchessault (81) celebrate after the NHL game between the Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lightning on January 18, 2018 at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. (Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


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