Northwell Health Ice Center

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200 Merrick Ave.
East Meadow

United States



Official Website:

Phone: (516) 441-0070

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    One thought on “Northwell Health Ice Center

    • March 18, 2019 at 2:27 am

      Good Evening

      I would first like to introduce my self to you before I share you my story.

      My Name is Brian Laframboise and I apologize for my spelling, grammar and punctuation as I am not a scholar.

      I grew up and still live in a small town called Cornwall an hour outside of the hockey hot bed of Montreal Canada. Much like the passing of Tartans by family name, every other child draped themselves in the Red, White and Blue of the Habs or the Blue and White of Toronto, my birth right Tartan colours given to me by my father were that of the Blue, White and Orange .

      I was fortunate enough to grow up during the Dynasty era, watching my heroes on TV with my father and mimicking them on ice with my father as my coach.

      I remember sitting with my Father at an Islanders game during Ottawa’s Inaugural season proudly wearing our jerseys in a sea of red. (We lost by the way)

      It was a bond that we shared, time and special moments that brought us closer as a family as father and son.

      No matter what was going on in our lives both good and bad it was a common bond that we could fall back on. It got us through some hard times no matter how good the Team was and no matter who the players were we always had, did you watch our game last night?

      From Potvin to Lee I grew and so did the moments we shared. In between these Captains I as well was blessed with Twins boys of my own to pass along the Islander Clad colours. While one of my boys prayed for a Tavares Rookie Card at Christmas, unfortunately the other choose his Mothers Tartan of Flyer Orange but I love him just the same!

      It was now a bond that spanned there generations, a bond that represented more than just hockey it was one of loyalty and hope. No matter how many loses and or changes sticking by the Team was almost a metaphor for life.

      Not throwing in the towel or giving up on each other even when things go bad.

      You can imaging growing up in the area I did that Islander merchandise was extremely rare to find. I always joked with my wife and other son that it was always just sold out. About two years ago while shopping at a local department I was stunned to see 2 Isles hats sitting on the shelve. I of course through them in my basket very quickly once again joking that I finally beat the rush!

      While my son had his eyes on the one hat the other was destined for my father. Now in his 70’s he had been wearing the same old beat up one for years. Needless to say my Mother said it was his prize possession telling everyone it was a gift from his son.

      We lost my Mom 14 months ago and through this we were able to brake the awkward silence times with did you see the game last night?

      Now I am writing this email to keep my mind busy as last Monday my Dad had a cardiac arrest not once but twice. They revived him only to have him come back unable to move any limbs and or speak. Unable to do anything more than open his eyes periodically and stare up to the sky. There is a Nurses board on the wall the says “I like to be called Brian”. the man I am named after.

      During hospital hours I speak with my Father sharing last nights results, looking for any sign of life. I then come home to my own son who in turn breaks the awkward silence with did you see the results last night?

      I will have some tough decisions to make in the coming days and weeks and hope that this letter can help someone appreciate what they have today and to thank the Organization for the memories and to let them know they had a fan that “liked to be called Brian.”


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