How can HockeyClan help COACHES?

There are a lot of great services that we offer for the general public, but HockeyClan can specifically help coaches in many ways.

Here’s how!

  1. Advertising is expensive and it is difficult to manage what benefits you get from it. There is no central location where you can post your clinics, camps or private lessons…until now. HockeyClan allows you to post without restrictions your camps, clinics, tryouts, private lessons, power skate lessons, anything you can think of in their classifieds system. Register your brand, activate the account by email (check SPAM folder), login and place an ad today. This is all FREE!

  2. We are allowing coaches to expand their brand through our site as bloggers. You can write an article on a topic (skating, turns, drill, youth hockey, etc.) or you can submit your instructional videos to us to gain the most exposure. Videos typically garner much more interest than written articles. The choice is yours. Just contact us and submit a sample of your work and request to be a blogger. You can email us an instructional video or article to

  3. Coaches can register on the site and click the checkbox stating that they are a coach. This allows you to be searched on the site from our search box in the main navigation. This will make you easy to find and allow your services to come up for potential players/clients.

  4. Coaches can post ads or forum topics that help them find a player if needed for the season or for a tournament.

  5. Coaches can post forum topics about a specific tournament to try to find out the level of play from the other teams going to that tournament. This enables them to find the proper competition level for their teams.

  6. Coaches can register as a master scheduler, if they book their own games, or have their scheduler register, allowing them to be easily searched making scheduling games easier and PRIVATE through our messaging system. No more forum blasts needed. But if you prefer to use the forums for scheduling games, you can.

  7. Coaches can use the system, once logged in, as a group/team messaging system. Email notifications will be sent out whenever something is posted to the PRIVATE group. In this group, everyone can share pictures, videos and documents privately. Perfect for your team moms and dads. This will soon be available in our app, which is being developed. Again all of this is FREE!

  8. Coaches can provide coupons for their camps or clinics with our coupon system. Just send us the info and we will create a coupon for you.

  9. Coaches can even email videos of their players to the Youth and High School Hockey Plays of the Week!

  10. Coaches can also be a part of the only ice hockey social network! They can follow their players, friends and other coaches.

  11. Coaches can create private skates using our form (requires login)  for all of their practices, games or tournaments with ease. This utilizes our events management system so that users can RSVP for the events. Again this is completely FREE!

We tried to make this a no-brainer for all hockey coaches, families and rinks. Try it out, and let us know if we can improve something. We are constantly adapting to feedback.

What do you have to lose? Don’t like it? Just delete your account. It’s that simple.

Register with HockeyClan now!

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