Advertise with HockeyClan

Want to advertise with HockeyClan?

There are multiple ways you can promote your business with HockeyClan. We have many custom packages available. We understand that their are different budgets and different businesses that all cross paths within the hockey community. Our goal is to promote anything and everything hockey!

With this in mind, our team will focus our efforts to determining the best course of action for your advertising dollars. Whether you are a hockey dad who owns a bar or a major hockey supplier, we have the ability to customize an advertising plan with you, no matter how small or large the budget. 

Here are just a few examples of the many opportunities to advertise with HockeyClan.

Website sidebar advertiser.

Website banner advertiser.

Website featured article.

Social media promotion of businesses or products.

Specific webpage advertiser.

Hockey rink page advertiser.

HockeyClan coupons.

HockeyClan classifieds.

Many other custom opportunities exist so let us know your budget and your desires and let us make it happen!