Upload a Hockey Clinic/Skate

All group administrators (rink owners, coaches or private group admins) may submit their open and private clinics here.

Please read this before submitting your open hockey or private skate.

First, if you haven’t already done so, Create a Private Group and be specific naming your group. Then come back here and submit the details of your open or private clinics. Use your newly created group name to ensure only your group has access to the skate information. For RSVPs make sure you click to enable registrations. You should use the advanced ticket options to keep the RSVPs open until the date of the event and a time very close to the start of the event. The default is at 12:01 am so hiding the advanced options will not allow people to sign up the day of the event. This would not be recommended.

Important points when adding a clinic or skate.

The price per player.

The total number of spots available.

At least 1 spaces per booking. The smallest number of players who can book at one time.

At most 1-5 spaces per booking. The largest number of players who can book at one time.

Available from: When the RSVP system is available to start bookings for this skate. Enter the start date to begin accepting RSVPs and then at the time to start. 

Available until: When the RSVP system is closed for bookings for this skate. Enter your end date to stop accepting RSVPs and then at the time to end.

Available for Logged In Users (no need to check the boxes)

Booking Form: Use the default

Coupons will only be shown if available.


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